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We repair, maintain, service PFM, SWIFT and FALCON Flow Wrappers, Chocolate Enrobers, NID Bar Formers, Guillotines, Slitting Machines, Conches, Jacketed Holding Tanks
  • Turning Milling & General Machining
  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel Welding
  • Fabrication of stainless steel jacketed pipe work
  • On site repairs
  • On site regular maintenance service
  • Emergency breakdown service
  • Problem Solving
  • Custom design modifications and safety guarding
  • Custom design conveyors

We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to achieve the results they require. We have listed a few Case Jobs below as examples.

Case Job 1
A client had a problem with a variable drive on their Chocolate Enrober, it was repaired a number of times but soon became apparent that a new one was needed. It was not possible to get one from the original manufacturer so another solution was sought.

Abbott Engineering were able to work out a solution even though room was limited in the machine we were able to fit a locally sourced gearbox with an electronic variable drive.

The Chocolate Enrober is working well and any replacement parts are readily available.

Case Job 2
We were called out to look at a problem with a clients metal cutting saw and it soon became clear there was a crack in the main gearbox housing. This saw metal is an important part of their production equipment and could not be out of operation for long. Again it was possible to source a new part and they were back in operation in a very short time.

Case Job 3
A client called us to look at a problem with some recently purchased stainless steel cooking trolley’s as they were not able to support the weight of the product being loaded onto them. The client had approached the manufacturer but without success. We have strengthened one of trolleys and tested its load bearing capacity which proved to be adequate and successful, the client has now asked for rest of his trolleys to be upgraded.

Case Job 4
One of our regular client has a mixer for blending dry food products. It had become very corroded on certain parts where the drive enters the mixing bowl. They asked if there was any way of repairing the corroded areas. After some inspection and thought we were able to provide a practical repair solution and offer some improvements as well.

Case Job 5
A good example of the diverse nature of what we can do here at ABBOTT ENGINEERING is this job. A customer walked in looking for some machining done for his electric car project. He supplied us with the manufacturers drawing of the motor he was using, the gearbox out of his car with the adapter plate he had already mated to it. What he needed was the coupling bored out to accept the splined insert from a clutch plate and then the two securely welded together. Also he wanted the center bore of the adapter plate machined accurately centered on the input shaft of the box and the six mounting holes on the same PCD as the motor to facilitate the precise alignment required to hook up the motor to the gearbox. All this was carried out at a price the customer was happy with demonstrating that no job is too small for ABBOTT ENGINEERING!!


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